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Jeff's Camp | A Home for Heroes

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Jeff's Camp is born of the principle that American Servicemen and Women should be honored and supported by the nation as a whole once their term(s) of service end.

But unfortunately too many Veterans fall through the cracks and spend their lives on the verge of homelessness and medical calamity for a variety of reasons. In fact almost 40,000 of America's homeless are United States Military veterans. More than one and a half million live in poverty. 1 in 15 suffer from substance abuse. And the unemployment rate for veterans remains far higher than that of the general population. At Jeff's Camp, we plan to be a part of the solution,

Army Veteran Jeffrey "Jeff" Poissant (1961-2017)

In the 1990's, Jeff Poissant and his Partner, Marty Weber purchased 36 acres of land near their home in Barnegat, New Jersey. Jeff and Marty didn't have concrete plans for the site at the time, but both being Army Veterans who believed that the government wasn't doing enough to support veterans, knew that they wanted to use it in service of their brothers and sisters in arms.

Jeff's Camp was incorporated in October, 2021 as the culmination of that intention and it exists to build and design a campus exclusively dedicated to addressing some of the issues facing American Veterans today. The vision for Jeff's Camp is to one day have the property house a community of tiny homes for Veterans, have facilities to treat Veteran suffering from substance abuse, and to have offices providing education, work placement, and other veteran-centric services.

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