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Jeff's Camp Welcomes Charles Cunliffe to its Board of Directors

The Jeff's Camp team is honored to have Charles "Charlie" Cunliffe officially join its Board of Directors. Although Charlie is the latest and final addition to the Board of Directors, he has been instrumental since Jeff's Camp's founding and has been among its most stalwart supporters.

Charlie is a passionate Community Servant and Advocate who has made public service a way of life for he and his family. He has served as Police Commissioner of Lakewood Township for seven years and Mayor for two. He served as a Lakewood Committeeman for four terms and served on many Municipal Committees in service to the public, including the Planning Board, Environmental Commission, Traffic & Safety Committee, Park & Recreation Committee, Community School Board, the Save Our Schools Committee, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Commission. Outside of the political sphere, he is a licensed youth and adult soccer coach and supports many other community based endeavors.

Charlie brings to the table extensive experience with government and expertise in navigating bureaucracy to help Jeff's Camp one day become the Home for Heroes it's envisioned to become.

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